Travel Click

Travel Click

is a unique art photographic project in the AEGEAN.

Travel & be the protagonist of a magical photography adventure.

Discover the magic of TRAVEL CLICK, an innovative concept of VART contemporary conceptual photography. TRAVEL and be the protagonists of a magical photographic adventure in the AEGEAN. Live a magnificent photography vacation. Feel the wonderful aura of the Mediterranean. 

Touch the Living Slow Lifestyle of the Greek islands.

Endless Blue, Spectacular White.

Make your BRAND, a wonderful protagonist in the Aegean.

Create a proffesional Photo Shooting in the Aegean. A unique, a rare photo shooting.

If you are an international Resort Wear - a Swim Wear - a Fashion Wear - a Bridal - or a Jewellery BRAND,

allow your creations to star in a precious hi quality photography series in the Aegean.

Have an extraordinary, a unique, an endless photography series for your corporate communication needs.

Give to your products the precious attention & shine they need. 

in progress...

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