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We run one of the most innovative photography projects between the endless Blue of the Mediterranean and the spectacular White of the Aegean. We create top quality exciting photo series with your products as the precious protagonists. Create amazing content of thousands photographs for your brand communication and combine exciting work & a magical vacation in a virgin island.

Conceptual Top Quality Art Photography for Fashion wear, Resort wear, Swim wear, Wedding dresses, Jewellery, Accessories, or the portfolios of Fashion-Beauty models & Influencers.

Alternatively, contact us if your needs include highly creative brand photography series from the Italian and Greek islands, the Spanish & French coasts, or the deck on a sailing boat - mega yacht.

VART contemporary...

Model: Raquel Khan  (Toronto Canada)

We are a conceptual photography House based in:

Greece, Italy, U.S.A.

Information - inquiries: Charlotte Turner

(Subject: Mediterranean – Aegean)


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